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Hi! My name is Kaitlyn Wilkes, and I'm a journalist based in Austin, Texas.

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Nostalgia Comeback: Meat Joy

Austin, Texas, is known as the Live Music Capital. The city prides itself on the amount of local venues that allow artists of all genres to find their people through music expression. The sounds of up-and-coming bands ooze out of every bar, house and concert hall imaginable, creating a diverse and eclectic music scene.

In the 1980’s, the DIY punk band Meat Joy found their calling to entertain. Through their experimental sound, they gained a cult following both in their active years and after they parted ways. Now, 40 years later, fueled by a desire to play together again, the band reunited in the town they used to call home.

The Thing’s new album balances the rock of the past, present and future

The Thing’s sophomore album, The Thing Is, which came out on February 2 sees the New York four piece take influence from 60s and 70s rock and musical stylings à la early Arctic Monkeys. Even though the influences of The Thing are clear, the group is able to find their own touch, adding a certain panache that those who are well versed in the musical past use to drive music’s future forward.

The LP features 11 songs and over 35 minutes of play time. One of the standout parts of the album is the m

The future of Georgetown’s ETJ hangs in uncertainty

On May 19, the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 2038. The bill allows property owners of land inside a city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction to petition to leave or disannex from a city.

The ETJ is a designated buffer area just outside the city limits, according to the city. Properties within the ETJ may receive certain services from the city like water and electricity, and must follow certain city ordinances, but do not pay city taxes or vote in city elections. ETJ is designated to cities b

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