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The Irish Takeover of Austin City Limits

After Irish singer-songwriter Hozier had wrapped up his Austin City Limits set under the watchful eyes of the setting sun, it felt like I had put my ear up to the world’s largest seashell. The whooshing of cheers and admiration put ocean waves to shame, my ears could not physically intake any more decibels of sound.

This was a very different feeling to that of the playful-chastising Hozier had given the crowd earlier for not being able to sing back to him a set of falsetto notes in key as a cal

Måneskin is coming to the forefront of rock

Italian Eurovision winners Måneskin’s newest single “HONEY (ARE U COMING?)” brings the group's signature rough, dirty and sensual tone into their latest venture. They stick to what made them popular: a fun, slightly raunchy, party-rockstar tone with crashing instrumentals and a gravely vocal performance from front man Damiano David.

Although David’s vocals demonstrate his ability to ensnare the attention of the listener with his gritty and accented lilt, the true star of this punchy barely thre

Inhaler’s vulnerability shines during acoustic show

How do you recover from the fact that not only did you win a radio contest to see arguably your favorite band, but that you sat five-feet away from three out of the four members and watched them play an acoustic set and give a short interview with only 35 other people in the room? I’m open to suggestions.

For five days I had been trying to secure seemingly elusive tickets to an intimate performance at the Austin City Limits Radio Station’s Dell Music Lounge.

In something that seemed too good t

Georgetown council approves historic home tax exemption

Historic homes primarily in the Old Town and downtown areas doing certain outdoor repairs of $10,000 or more will receive a tax exemption starting at 25 percent. The program was approved on its first reading during the regular meeting of Georgetown City Council at its September 12 meeting. Council Member Mike Triggs, District 3, opposed the measure. The exemption was established to assist…

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Chappell Roan’s Chipper Single Sets the Scene for Her Debut Album

Chappell Roan’s most recent single “HOT TO GO!” demonstrates the dynamism of not only the artist, but her musical stylings. This cheeky and buoyant track stands in contrast to her slower compositions like “Casual,” with a tempo that effortlessly straddles the realms of 80s workout anthems and high school pep rally cheers.

The latest in a slew of singles previewing her forthcoming debut album, “The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess,” the midwesterner partnered with writer Dan Nigro, known for